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Refresh your marketing and website when business is quiet

If business is quiet because of school holidays, Brexit or a pandemic, it’s a great time to work on your own business. We all get caught up in client work and day to day running of our businesses, so a bit of downtime can be a welcome break to make sure our own marketing is […]

Reasons your business needs to own it’s platform – AKA why counsellors still need a website

Yes, I’ve got a vested interest in designing and building websites. But aside from keeping myself in baked beans, there are some huge reasons why your business needs to own its platform and not rely on Facebook, YouTube or other systems. You need to build your own database With your own platform like a website, […]

Marketing your counselling website pt8: Measuring what works

To get the best from the marketing you do for your counselling or therapist website, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t. You can save yourself time and money once you know what works and what doesn’t. Measuring this can be tricky, but read on for some tips. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools […]

Marketing your counselling website pt7 – Email newsletters

Now you’ve read part six and have people signing up to your mailing list you can send them a regular newsletter with information about your products and services, or update them whenever you publish a new blog article. We’re going to use Mailchimp as an example again. Make it brief, and useful Make your newsletter […]

Marketing your counselling website pt6 – Building an email list

Once you start having visitors coming to your website, it’s a great idea to obtain their email addresses so you can contact them again and turn them into clients. If people are visiting your site they are interested in what you do and a simple sign up form can be enough to start building your […]

Marketing your counselling website pt4 – Facebook page

Some industries will benefit more from having a Facebook page than others. We have seen Facebook work better for business to consumer campaigns so this could work well if you offer counselling to individuals. This article covers setting up your counsellor Facebook Page and a future article will cover running Facebook adverts. Setting up your […]