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Your counsellor website – three things to consider

counsellor web design tips

There’s so much to think about when designing a website for your counselling or psychotherapy business – here are three of our top tips to get started.


Your website may be the first point of contact with your potential clients. The look and feel of your website can either put people at ease and build trust, or put people off working with you. A tidy logo, harmonious fonts and calming images are all a good way to get the right feel across.

Clear navigation and helping people to find the info they need can increase enquiries. Easy to digest, encouraging text is also vital – no 1000 word essays required!


Keeping your website safe from hackers is vital. If anyone gained access to your site control panel they could make the website show dodgy adverts to visitors or send spam emails out. These things could be disastrous for your business, so choosing strong admin passwords and keeping the website software up to date are a good start. An app like 1password can help you keep track of all these long complicated passwords!

Visibility to search engines

It’s no good having a great site if search engines can’t pick up your pages and show them to people searching for what you do! Clean code, fast loading and ease of use all help with this.

Installing a web analytics service like Google Analytics or Plausible can help you see how people find the site and how long they visit for.


Here are out three top tips when thinking about web design for your counselling business. Once these three things are sorted you’ll be in a great position to start marketing the website to potential clients.

If you are looking for an all in one counsellor web design package that takes all the hassle out of launching your new site, contact us today