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Marketing your counselling practice pt1 – Blogging tips


Part one of our marketing course contains blogging tips. Regularly updated, relevant content is key to marketing your website effectively. You can offer interesting information about the counselling process and theories to build trust and attract new clients.

If we built it for you, your website uses a content management system called WordPress. This system has a control panel where you can log in to add, remove and change your content on a regular basis.

Images, Spelling and Grammar

It’s important to use good spelling and grammar and high quality images when updating your site. If your computer doesn’t check spelling for you as you write, you can use a site like http://www.spellcheck.co.uk/ Poor quality updates will make a poor first impression on your potential clients.

How much to write?

You will need to write around 250-300 words per blog article or it may be ignored by search engines as ‘thin content’. When writing, adding headings to the text allows people to ‘scan’ the text and pick out the key points.

Write naturally

Try to avoid copywriting cliches such as ‘here at Acme Widgets inc, we believe’, long winded histories and ‘we can tailor bespoke packages to suit your needs’ etc. Phrases like those are used so often now they have become meaningless. Be creative and show your personality in your website content!

It may be tempting to repeat your keywords over and over to try and get better rankings. While keywords are a good thing, they should be added in moderation so the text still reads well to your site visitors.

Focus on the benefits

Tell people the key benefits of your services straight away: What’s in it for the potential client? Be direct and use a ‘call to action’ at the end of the article to encourage an enquiry or purchase. Examples are links to your contact page or a sentence containing your contact details.


In summary we recommend regular 250+ word website updates of clear, fresh content with good spelling and grammar that avoids cliches and focuses on the benefits of your services.