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Marketing your counselling practice: Intro

It would be great if putting a new website online will result in an immediate boost in new business for your counselling or therapy practice. Sadly this is almost never the case as you’ll be up against other well established websites. It takes time to build a site that achieves decent rankings on search engines that generate lots of traffic from relevant visitors.

If you don’t market your website it’s like having a lovely shop in the middle of a wilderness. However good your products or services, business will be hard without customers or clients.

Make the most of the investment in your counsellor business and website by marketing it well, gaining visitors and turning them into customers or clients.

You can take control of your marketing

The good news is, you can ignore all those emails from third world SEO companies about it being easy to get on to page one of Google. They are all con-men and know nothing about your business.

You can make good progress with internet marketing yourself and keep your costs down if you spend time doing the right things and work towards measurable goals.

One step at a time!

It can be daunting looking at the whole spread of marketing at once, but by doing it one piece at a time you will soon get in a routine. Regular habits and consistency are key.

This free ten part series will take you through a number of steps you can work on to promote your counselling or therapy business online:

  1. Blogging regularly with fresh, targeted content
  2. Blog ideas for counsellors
  3. Using Twitter effectively
  4. Using a Facebook business page effectively
  5. Using Hootsuite to manage Twitter, Facebook and other social media
  6. Collecting a list of email addresses
  7. Email marketing using Mailchimp newsletters
  8. Measuring performance by using landing pages
  9. Using Google Analytics to monitor your progress
  10. Weekly, monthly and yearly marketing plans

Need some marketing help?

Feel free to drop us a line on 01636 812551 or info@counsellorwebdesign.co.uk if you have any questions or comments about the course or need some help with your marketing.