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New Malden Counselling Associates web design

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The New Malden Counselling Associates have been providing affordable, professional counselling for nearly 20 years. We migrated an existing website from a DIY system to our easy to use platform and green web hosting. After setting up the new site on our system, we customised the design to match the existing site, copied the content over and updated some of the counsellor biographies.

Once it was all looking good, we switched the domain name over to point at the new site and tested out the contact form to make sure enquiries would be received. We keep the software up to date so it all runs smoothly, and are on hand to make any small changes as well as the client having a login to the control panel.

Amazing – just checked it out and it looks fab! Thanks a million

If you need a new site for your counselling or psychological therapy practice, or an upgrade from a DIY site builder website, contact us today for a chat about how we can help.