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Marketing your counselling practice pt2 – Blog ideas for counsellors

blog ideas for counsellors

Writing about your own business can be tricky at first, so here are some blog ideas for counsellors. The more you write the more ideas you will get. By getting inside the mind of your readers you will be able to write useful content that will also generate traffic from search engines.

Write with your audience in mind

Successful blogging will provide information that your potential or existing clients need. While it’s important to be visible to search engines, your content needs to read well for human visitors. first and foremost. Blog things that will interest your ideal clients and use language they will understand and respond to. If you’re not comfortable writing for your intended audience, you could pay someone who represents this group to provide ideas or update your site for you!

Generating ideas

Obviously you can’t discuss your clients or your session but there are lots of related topics you can talk about. To generate ideas you could run a hashtag search on Twitter, check out competitors’ sites or read newsletters or magazines for ideas. A ’roundup’ post of recent news, recent client comments or your thoughts on your own processes can all make interesting content for your site.

Using keywords in your blogs

This is a good time to create a list of keywords for your website using something like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool helps you generate ideas for keywords and show you approximately how many people are searching for those particular keywords.

Researching takes the guesswork out of keyword choice and you will get an idea of what your clients will be searching for. By choosing the right keywords for your blogs you can attract interested people to your website.


Write primarily for your clients, using social media, websites and publications from your industry to help generate ideas for new blogs. Research relevant keywords for search engines to pick up and finally, don’t be afraid and make a start!