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Web design for Counsellor Dr Kasia Wilk


We recently helped Manchester counsellor and therapist Dr Kasia Wilk with her branding, green website hosting website design and custom WordPress website build.

“Thank you for an amazing job on the website, I love it!”
Dr Kasia Wilk

Branding and Design

We developed a new logo for Dr Wilk based on her signature and a mandala symbol that resonated with her. This was then used for business cards, email signature and the website design. A professional photo shoot had already taken place and we were able to use these greatimages across the site to make it more personal.

Booking System

The site originally launched with an easy to use online booking system, but Dr Wilk found that people didn’t like to use the online booking feature. With the personal and confidential nature of the counselling field and recent GDPR laws, it was decided to remove the booking system.

WordPress Website

The quiz page was set up to allow people to fill the quiz in online and receive their results via email, to help Dr Wilk build up an email newsletter list. This connects to Mailchimp to allow easy management of the list and sending of the email newsletters.

We created a fast loading WordPress theme with the new design. We don’t use any bloated, slow templates. Every site is crafted from scratch with only the features required to keep things running nice and fast. ‘Lazy loading’ and other techniques are used to make the site as fast as possible while still using high quality images.

Website Hosting

The new site runs on our green web hosting, serving the website and emails with wind and solar power. A free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate from Let’s Encrypt secures the control panel and shows a green padlock on the web browser address bar. Google like to see SSL on websites these days and Let’s Encrypt SSL saves our green hosting clients around £70pa.

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