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Counsellor web design SEO – 5 things we include

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A beautiful website is no good if nobody visits it, so we include some counsellor web design SEO (search engine optimisation) features with every site.

Search engine friendly code

Some websites use heavy, slow to load code and include lots of fancy features that never get used. The most popular page builder plugins often slow down websites while not using 90% of their features, so we’ve created a simpler, easier to use option. All our counsellor web design projects use our clean, well optimised code to make your website fast and easy for search engines to read.

seo friendly page address counsellor web-design

Search engine friendly page addresses

Some websites have gibberish page addresses like yoursite.com/&p=12123, which don’t help search engines or visitors know what your pages are talking about. All our counsellor websites have lovely page addresses like yoursite.com/counselling-nottingham so everyone (human or not) can see what your pages are all about.

Keyword optimised images

We’ll be uploading images around your counsellor website – maybe headshots of you and your team, images of your treatment rooms or calming images to put people at ease. By naming all these images properly this helps search engines know what the images contain, and improve your rankings.

For example, rather than ‘dcs2234.jpg’ for your headshot, we’ll name the image ‘a-counsellor-nottingham.jpg’ as well as adding “ALT text” in the control panel that describes the contents of the image.

Built in optimisation software

With each counsellor website we design, we include a plugin that helps you set a keyword and then write an article that is well optimised for that keyword. It reads the page title, page address, headings in the article, the images you include and then gives you a traffic light score. This is an awesome way to improve the focus of any blogs you add to your new site and really push your site up the search engine rankings!

For example if you wanted to get more traffic for your local area, you could set a keyword like “counselling nottingham” and then write a blog or two about that. Using the SEO plugin we install for you then makes optimising that page child’s play! Creating this kind of search engine friendly content would have been expensive and/or time consuming to do before this awesome plugin was released.

seo submission counsellor web design

Submitting your site to Google

To help Google pick up your site pages more quickly, we create a ‘sitemap’ file and then submit the site to Google Search Console using your own Google account. This can help your pages appear more quickly in the search engine results and start those enquiries coming in! We’ll then check up on your site a week or so after launch to make sure it’s getting picked up by search engines.


Here we’ve explained five ways that we optimise your new counsellor website for search engines (SEO), making it more successful in bringing you new clients for your counselling, therapy or pscyhology practice.

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